Michele Wentz - Lead Vocals
Jacky Husted - Lead Vocals
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Experience the magic and unadulterated thrills of losing yourself in the live music party that is NAKED IN VEGAS!. With a wide variety of music sure to please every guest, NAKED IN VEGAS provides a steady stream of danceable tunes from today's modern pop to R&B to classic rock to the standards that everybody loves. NAKED IN VEGAS prides itself on enthusiasm, a lively performance and musicianship that is earned from years of performing by all the band members. From the first downbeat to the last cymbal crash, your event or venue will be transported to a party atmosphere that usually requires a ticket on Southwest and a room at the Bellagio. And remember - what goes on with NAKED IN VEGAS stays with us!!

Rich Sweets - Keyboards
Steve Wentz - Drums/Vocals
Phil Benjamin - Lead Guitar